Friday, June 29, 2012

William's poem

I am creative and caring - William
I always wonder what they teach the kids in school - I am coming from an old system, I am not saying it was better, just very different. we learned lots and lots of theory, and we packed lots and lots of knowledge in those few hours of school (as opposed to hands-on activities and play).

Yesterday it was the last day of school - and for the past couple of days my son came home with tons (I mean *tons*) of papers, books, notebooks, art items - all the work he had done over the year.

In there - a piece of paper, with a poem. At first I thought they copied it from somewhere... then I relized it has been written by our 9 yo.

I think they should ask all kids in every grade to write one - it's an amazing self-portret!

I Am Poem

I am creative and caring
I wonder about how many universes there are
I hear the roar of a plane's engine
I see bubbling test tubes overflowing
I want lots of Lego
I am creative and caring

I pretend that the world is peaceful
I feel a snake's scaly skin
I touch the window of a spaceship
I worry about needy people
I cry when a loved one dies
I am creative and caring

I understand that everything is possible
I say "you control your own happiness"
I dream of being a scientist
I try to do my best in school
I hope the world will stop fighting
I am creative and caring

by William Marinache


  1. so thoughtful for someone so young ... I always find my kids see the world without a filter and just 'tell it like it is' .. very refreshing

    1. Yes, all we need to do is to listen to them :) I love watching him observing the world around us!

  2. How wonderful. I hope he keeps on writing more. Thanks for sharing. Dita.

    1. Thank you, Dita - I will try to have him write one of these poems around his birthday every year (for as long as he'll agree :)) - it'll be an interesting 'evolutionary' compendium :)

  3. What an insightful young man. His creative and caring attitude reflects on good parenting I would think!

    1. Oh, Katherine, thank you - we did encourage him to be open... the caring comes from inside, though, he's always been very emphatic, much more than his age...

  4. Dacă n-aş fi ştiut cine a scris, n-aş fi ştiut unde să încadrez ( deşi nu e cel mai plăcut luccru pentru nici un Om de-al artei, oricare ar fi ea) : aduce a Jacques Prevert şi amulţi alţii , cu ani mulţi de scriituri de calitate ! Iar zic, aproape că mă sperie ...
    Succes şi la mai mare !


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