Sunday, November 20, 2011


Like a mother - it's hard to order your kids in terms of favourite... however I do have one that's my absolute #1.

Sometimes ago I tried my hands at chainmaille. Chainmaille, for those of you who don't know, is a very old technique: it's how they made the knights armours centuries ago. It is the art of connecting metal rings into sheets of 'fabric'. In our times some innovative people revived the technique to be used in jewelry making. Connecting jump rings into various forms to create wearable art is relaxing and the end results can be stunning!

It is not necessarily easy - think hundreds of jump rings: open / close / repeat. But it's definitely fun. I'll get back to the actual technique in another post.

Princess bracelet - Sterling Silver, Glass beads, chainmaille :: All the Pretty ThingsToday I would like to present my 'Princess': a Romanov Chainmaille bracelet made of 400 silver sterling rings and beautiful green beads. I have been in love with Romanov-style jewelry for a long time. And I love the 19th century fashion (sometimes I believe I was born in the wrong era... not complaining - just dreaming :)).

Put the two together and here we are: with an elegant bracelet (it has complementary earrings) that will make you look like a Princess. It is an extremely versatile piece - and one that will start conversations. Pictures don't really do it justice: you have to feel the way the silver hugs your wrist to understand the beauty and elegance of this bracelet.

You can wear it for the after-work meet with your friends or you can wear it to complement your New Year's Eve dress. It is a magnificent addition for a special occasion: think pearls instead of the green beads and you have an amazing bridal set. Or coral beads for brightening up the little-black-dress. Or - think Swarovski crystals - and you got yourself the perfect addition for that night out at the opera / theatre / I-feel-wonderful-evening :)

Can you tell I simply LOVE this piece? How do you like it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Not sure how i missed this! (Well, I do...have about 400+ unread posts in my reader :((()

    This is gorgeous!!!! Love the green in there, and soooo delicate!

  2. I can see why you love this so much -- it's gorgeous. I love chain maille also and don't play with it nearly enough. I think you have inspired me to dig out a book or two. :)


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