Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas decorations

... or what to do with extra ornaments

Usually around November 15th we start thinking about decorating the house (outside & inside).
It is a long process - and a fun one. The tree is the last to be decorated - in our tradition we should be decorating it on Christmas Eve, but after doing that for the first few years of our live in Canada, we decided against the idea. Christmas Eve is filled with so many activities - by adding the tree decorating we just managed to stress ourselves and make the day miserable.

Christmas decor for widowsFrom my mom I got the tradition of buying (or making) a few new decorations each year. Right now I could probably easily decorate 2 full trees and still have enough decorations :) What to do with all those glass spheres nicely coloured (mostly red)? A few years back I came with an idea - let's make a 'curtain' out of them. My DH wasn't very enthusiastic; he's the type that needs to see how things look like before he can decide if he likes them. Knowing that I rarely get discouraged :) So here I was, with one of the boxes of extra decorations and a couple of gold & silver gift ribbon packs - tie a length of ribbon to the ornament, up the chair, clip (I used those miniature clothesline pins from the craft or Dollar store), off the chair... repeat.

Christmas decor for widows
In no time at all I had this beautifully glowing curtain - and once we pull the curtains it gets this nice sheer diffuse effect, a miracle!

As I still had more - I started to fill the rest of the house: the chandelier received a sudden 'boost' in the form of ornaments; vases full of ornaments dropped everywhere; crystal bowls filled with candies and ornaments; and my favourite: the wire tree I found in an antique shop a few years back.

Christmas decor for chandelierChristmas decor for tableChristmas decor for tableChristmas decor for wall

How do you use your extra Christmas ornaments? I'd love to hear your thoughts

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