Monday, November 14, 2011

Butterfly kisses

Every time I look at the pictures of this little project I have the Bob Carlisle's song playing in my mind :)

A few years back I found this pair of ceramic objects: a box with lid, and a small cup. I have no clue what they could have been originally intended for - they were so delicate and beautiful I had to have them. I had no idea what I could use them for - one of those projects that you grow into, like many of my home decor ones :)

Butterfly KissesI kept them on the bookshelf in the bedroom - admiring the pair every day. Being winter, I would dream of spring and flowers and butterflies... hmm... butterflies... I adore butterflies... That was my 'aha!' moment - since I had no idea what the 2 ceramic pieces were, they could be everything (the beauty of lack of knowledge is that it frees your imagination!). So the miniature bird bath became just that: a miniature gel candle, clear like a bird bath... and with a delicate visitor: a bright happy butterfly! The small box became a surprise box - you open the lid... and find a new small candle inside, with just a bit of colour and a fresh scent.

That's how my Butterfly kisses were born - and it's one of my most beloved projects... well, I love mostly everything I ever made, but some pieces hold a special place in my heart - and this is one of them.

Enjoy it :)

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