Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pirates' Treasure

A good few years back my mom sent me a handful of broken old jewelry. Non-precious - the costume jewelry so in fashion many years ago. They were beautiful pieces - either missing a pin, or a stone, or completely unpaired (one earring and a pendant).

Pirate's Treasure - gel candle, vintage jewelry :: All Pretty ThingsWhat do you do with such a bunch of items? Well - you know the saying: one's trash, someone else's treasure. Why not build... a treasure?

That's how the 'Pirate's Treasure' came to life - a gel candle with sand on the bottom and pieces of precious treasure on the bottom. It invites you to dream of adventures, of handsome Johnny Depp pirates, of sandy beaches. And... it's a great conversation starter - even for kids. The ones in our household are charmed of the Treasure candle - they ask to see it every time they visit: girls with a misty look into an imaginary future; boys with dreams of swords and eye-patches. It's wonderful to watch their expressions :)

What do you dream of when you imagine the treasure?

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