Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We made it into a New Year!

This is usually the review of the old one, but today I don't feel like reviewing anything. I am still relaxed and quite content with myself - I took a whole week of vacation... during which week I checked my emails and my facebook account, but nothing else! Just meeting with friends for every single day of the week, since Christmas Day.

It was a blissful (even if not all the time peaceful) week - there is something about being able to send the children downstairs to play and have adult conversations (with the occasional interruptions for various requests) :)

As I have never been one to make resolutions (they always get repeated next year, and get forgotten in the first few weeks anyhow) - all I am doing today is to wish for health, happiness and joy.

And this is what I wish you all: health, happiness, joy and prosperity. To you and your dear ones!

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Happy New Year!

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