Friday, January 6, 2012

A memory (1)

Today is The Baptism of Jesus, the 12th day of Christmas - in the Romanian Orthodox calendar, at least. It is supposed to be very cold, however we already had our cold spell a few days back...

This picture seems to be very appropriate for the day

Happy son during winter storm

The picture has been taken a couple of years back, during one of the snow storms we had: overnight we managed to get over 3 feet of snow and we were properly snowed in. Even with the school right across the street (literally) - when you get a snow day you do just that: get our in the backyard and build a snowman. Then, with a gleam in your eye and an 'evil' smile you start... a snowball fight (which is what my son is preparing to do).

Maybe we'll get the chance of making a new snowman this year too! Winter has just started, after all :)

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