Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Tea Leaf

A couple of years ago a visit to a couple in our neighbourhood made a long lasting impression on me.

Blue MonarchImagine an office whose walls are full of butterflies - in beautiful frames and displaying incredible colours, between them the well-known Blue Morpho.
Imagine a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf full of Asimov's books... and next to it another bookshelf displaying sea shells in all forms and sizes, from small minuscule ones to the palm-sized shells, the ones you can hear the ocean through!
Imagine the sun room, something I have wished for so long (another point on my 'bucket list') and that reminds me of my Uncle's sun room back at the feet of Carpathian Mountains - you could see the Mountains and almost touch them...

But I digress (yes, I miss my mountains a lot!)...

At the end of dinner, as it is customary, with the desert we were offered coffee. Or, in my case, tea (I don't really drink coffee). To choose my own - I have been offered 4 amazing pyramids, wrapped in a fine paper... I randomly chose one (I am not a connoisseur - I simply like the natural green herbal tea, never cared too much for the black caffeinated variation) and I got my pyramid.

Tea Forte pyramid
Maybe I don't know much about teas - however I pride myself with knowing to appreciate beauty... and beauty I received that evening! Inside the paper pyramid I found an art piece: made from the finest silk ever imaginable, of the most white I have ever seen, the inside pyramid contained a few real leaves and seeds! It doesn't even matter how the tea tastes, the beauty of the moment is in being able to submerse the silk in the hot water and watch the colours change. I wish my sense of smell would have been better that day (being winter, my allergies & asthma were already in full charge, not much remained of my sense of smell) - but I could actually feel and see the smell (yes, it is possible to use other senses to stimulate another!).

To add more charm to the moment - inside the paper wrap there was a piece of paper, in the form of a leaf, with a 'fortune' - or like our host exclaimed 'now we will be reading the tea leaves'

My destiny unravelled itself on the precious paper leaf:

'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are'

There you have it: even my tea leaf agrees that I don't need more and I can do something right now. I wish it would have told me what - but that's probably too much to ask a leaf :)

My tea leaf spoke!

I still recall my perfect moment on the evening of over 2 years ago - I am grateful I was allowed to live it and I was given the wisdom to savour it.

What will be your moment today? If you find it - please let me know, I'm always happy to hear beautiful stories!

P.S. I think I switched the inspirational story [which was presented Saturday instead of Sunday] with the fun-sharing one, I hope you'll forgive my mistake for one week :)

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