Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On lifestyle and balance (TED)

In a very humorous way :)

I do recall hearing about his 2nd 'experiment' (the spiritual one) and I have to be honest - the talk made me curious, I'd like to read his previous books; he seems funny in a decent way and going through a year of extreme anything is no small feast.

What I like the most in this talk is the hint to balance - something I've been trying to instill in my son for a long time (you have to hear him saying 'Everything in moderation!')... pretty much nothing on this planet will harm you if you keep a measure. And I feel our world has lost the measure and the balance... for some strange reasons I can't phantom right now.

A light and funny talk - enjoy!


  1. Lovely video, thanks for sharing! I am a great adept of 'everything in moderation' I take every piece of info/advice and filter it through my own brain and if it does not make sense for me, I won't take it! Or I adapt according to my situation/style.

    1. Thanks, Delia, we do believe in moderation too :) Even the greatest things might be not good in excess...


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