Saturday, January 7, 2012

Design seeds

One of the most complicated task of any designer is colour matching. I've seen designers work OK with patterns, and being a disaster in the colour area.

For me colour is alive - and if you match them inappropriately they will start fighting: between themselves and then with your eyes, brain, and feelings. I am sensitive to colour (not as sensitive as other people I know) - surround me with dramatic sad hues and you'll have a very depressed me in a jiffy.

That's why  I love pastels (the happiest colours I know) and I simply adore flowers... although I like blue (as you might know from this previous post), blue is not a very natural colour so I always find myself in the spring looking at my garden: it is full of pink, purple and some yellow.

Not too long ago I stumbled upon an amazing site - Design seeds. It contains pictures from real life - and attaches the matching 'paint chips' that come with each design. It is a very natural combination and it's a great help to any person: a starting designer trying for a specific look, a wedding planner looking for matching a specific feeling, a mom trying to redecorate a bedroom.

Frosted Summer by Design Seeds

I hope you'll enjoy their beautiful pictures and combinations as much as I do!

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