Sunday, January 8, 2012


Nativity Quilt - by my mother in law
Nativity Quilt - by my mother in law
A man and his wife were traveling one day. They were tired and the night was coming so they tried to stop at an inn. The innkeeper, a heartless man, told them he has no vacancy. The wife declared herself unhappy and tried to argue, but her husband stopped her:

- My dear, don't worry, God knows better!
- My dear husband, what could be better: look, night is coming and we have no shelter!

But she listened to him (as they were in those times :)) and they continued their journey. Not so long after they met a villager, a poor man, but he happily shared his home with them.

In the morning, before they left, the villager gave them amazing news: the inn has been attacked by robbers over the night and the travelers at the inn lost all their possessions.

- See, dear wife, we must trust in God and his plans. Did he know better or what?

(received in a newsletter and translated)

This I found to be the most trying part in life: being patient and accepting the not-so-good parts without bitterness. It's easy to trust the powers when all is well... the art is in trusting when you live trying times.

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