Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, new format

I have started this blog with a Blog Challenge (read about Ultimate Blog Challenge here) and, as I knew it would, it helped me stay on track. Not that much in December, but I gave myself a break over December this year.

To keep blogging every day I feel I need more than a daily blog idea (sometimes they don't really work for me or for that day)... A theme - well, my theme is happiness, joy, beauty (with hints of my art); however it is not enough - you cannot talk every day about jewelry and home decor. Well... *I* cannot talk every day about that, I need... more (I am sure you've heard about this 'more' before :))

A couple of months ago I discovered (through the blog challenge) this wonderful blog: To Gyre and Gambol. Not only the posts are simply breathtaking, not only I laugh out whenever I read the funny Sunday posts, but Thom has this amazing idea of a daily 'theme'. I've been going over and over in my mind and came up with something similar that makes sense for me.

From now on I will try to follow this schedule:

Mondays posts - will contain something related to my own art: either a new piece or a story about an old piece.

Tuesdays posts - will contain a thought or a quote, and a story (mostly from my past) to relate to it.

Wednesdays posts - will contain an idea I stumbled upon and I'd like to share. I intend to mostly share a video from the TED conferences, something I believe it is worth sharing.

Thursdays posts - will be dedicated to how to create beauty: either through some new technique or colour, music, art, or use of nature.

Fridays posts - as we come closer to the weekend we need to loosen up... I'll be looking for sharing something funny (or at least light) - maybe some travel pictures, or something funny my son recently did / said (he's a precious well of wisdom and laughter)

Saturdays posts - I will share something I found that week and I believe it's beautiful: a blog post, a picture, an idea - as long as it will bring us joy, it'll be worth sharing.

Sundays posts - will contain an inspirational story. Could be on the joke side, could be as serious as possible: a story to make you believe there is hope!

That should be it! Occasionally I will change the theme of the day - depending on the news, time of year, or something specific to that day.

I hope you'll find something worth reading.

Happy 2012!

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