Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Aztec Dream

Aztec Dream necklace - turquoise, Czech glass :: All the Pretty ThingsToday I am going to tell you a story about one piece I love: The Aztec Dream.

I love Turquoise - most of my wardrobe contains pieces in shades of blue and turquoise. For years before I starting creating jewelry I admired the silver and turquoise jewelry wherever I went... once I started making my own jewelry - I kept dreaming about this rich necklace, with a huge turquoise stone. Somehow I kept creating other pieces, never my turquoise one.

One recent day I was browsing my local bead store when I came upon this doughnut turquoise and I knew this is it, this is the day when my necklace will be born. I quickly paired it with the chips, copper Czech glass beads, a mate turquoise Czech bead, along with teal glass beads - and I rushed home.

The 3 strands were beautifully assembled then braided in my Aztec Dream.

This is my dream - I've been wearing it since almost daily :) If you like it - yours will be similar, but never the same. As with all handmade jewelry - they are never 2 pieces identical. And if turquoise is not your stone - just let me know what colour or stone you'd prefer and I will make your dream come true.

Enjoy! The Aztec Dream

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