Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Besides semi-precious stones and crystals and glass beads I like to experiment with other materials. A couple of years back I discovered Polymer Clay - a material that will allow me to go as crazy as I want and to combine colours in a way I couldn't fathom before.

Nautilus pendant - polymer clay :: All the Pretty ThingsWhile I haven't got to the perfection of creating flower petals or butterfly wings, one of the pieces I love most is the Nautilus - which uses a 2-colour palette in a very unusual way. Circled together in one of the most versatile and classic shape (the never ending circle, spiral in this case) the turquoise and purple bring each other to life and they inspire you to laugh and be happy.

Wearing the Nautilus you will feel beautiful and loved, timeless like the shell after which is inspired, and with no worries - you can hear the Ocean singing in your ears and that's all that matters. The turquoise being the expression of feelings & creativity, and violet the one of creativity and wisdom - their combination will make it perfect: wisdom, emotion, expression.

What colours make you feel good?

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