Sunday, October 9, 2011


In riding a horse we borrow freedom. ~Helen Thomson

I always dreamed about being able to ride horses. Growing up in a semi-industrial city that wasn't an option. I didn't have grandparents living in the rural either - so I kept dreaming like any young girl about princes on (not necesarily white) horses!

Long time ago, knowing my love of outdoors and green grass, a good friend told me: If you want to see really green grass make sure you go to Kentucky. For some strange reason, his words resonated with me and I kept remembering them over the years. No Kentucky in sight, though.

A few years back, by a struck of (what know I can call) fate, we found ourselves in Kentucky. Not for long, we were really just passing by, but you can drive through in a matter of a few hours anyhow. To this day I remember the hills - we came through New York, Pennsylvania and all the South-East coast to Florida, and back through Tennessee. All the hills we've drove through, all the Appalachian forests - nothing compared to the moment when I finally got to see the blue grass hills of Kentucky! I am a slow-poke sometimes, and while we're passing through Renfro Valley I had one of those 'aha' moments: so that's where the Bluegrass (music) comes from!

Of course our journey had to get us into the Horse Park... long story short: I found myself for the first time in my life riding a horse. Words fail to describe the feeling - it was like the world was mine, I was the Queen. The horizon became larger (if that's possible), the Earth became bigger - those few hands above the ground and you're not the same person anymore. Needless to say that my riding experience was too short but when we came back home we 'fixed' that by taking riding lessons; first just the two of us, then our son joined in.

The next year I made a small glass painting - and it still 'lives' on our fireplace mantel. A gentle reminder of dreams that can come true, of moments to be cherished, of huge animals that you must respect and love, and who'll love you in return.


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