Friday, October 7, 2011

Love & Friendship

Tonight we visited one of our local fairs - extremly famous in the area, and more agricultural-oriented than your usual fair, so the whole family can enjoy the animals and the shows. While wondering through the vendors' line we came upon a rocks & gems booth - and both my son and I were glued to the spot. Not only the lady had gems of all sorts, not only she had some set already (as fine jewelry) - she also displayed fossils and actual rocks. After touching and admiring for what must felt an eternity to my dear husband (he cares neither for the rocks nor for the gems) my son wanted to buy something. I was sure we'll end up with a pyrite piece or maybe some small fossil. And initially he was going for a big pyrite piece.

Ah... but then he spoted the 'magic pouches' and that was it: he's into wizards and magic right now, the Harry Potter vs. Wizard of Waverly Place type of thing. The lady, helpful, invited him to choose the 'Confidence' pouch (so he'll do well in school) or the 'Student' pouch (I forgot what was it good for). Confidence he doesn't lack (and he showed her immediately, she actually said something along the lines of 'yup, you don't need confidence'), besides he had his eye on something else: the 'Health' pouch. The lady started to get confused: why would an 8 yo want Health?! he proceeded to calmly explain that's the best gift you can have along friends and family; at this point she completely stopped making suggestions or comments for that matter. Of course he wanted to see what's inside the pouch and the lady mumbled 'you're supposed to get it by meaning, not by looks' and he responded 'meaning, meaning - but it has to please the eye too!' so she calmly opened the pouch. I forgot what 3 stones were in, but they were ugly as a combination. So the child asked for another pouch, the 'Love and friendship' - as soon as the 3 stones came out his face lit and he declared 'We have a winner!'

With this big preamble we come to the subject of tonight's blog: the 3 stones of Love & Friendship magic pouch.

Of course there is no magic, just the properties and energies of the stones.

The largest one is the Rose Quartz - which is the universal symbol of Love. Incidentally it gives the user confidence, by making him/her feel a sense of self-worth... which in turn will bring the sense of being worth of love. It carries a very gentle and soothing energy - having this beautiful pale translucent pink shade.

Along it 2 smaller stones: a lepidolite and a blue lace agate.

The Lepidolite is also good for confidence, as it encourages independence for setting and attaining goals. It also relieves stress - no wonder, it has such beautiful shades of lavender.

It is said that used with the rose quartz it becomes a stone of reconciliation of love. Hence its use in this pouch. Besides love its energies include power, good luck, and protection - all very useful when one looks for Love & Friendship.

The last one (and my favorite) - the Blue Lace Agate: with beautiful shades of pale blue it brings peace, being a calming, uplifting stone. It brings tranquility and happiness to the one wearing it. Blue lace agate is also considered a stone of communication: helping the user to enhance and to smoothen his/her speech - a good skill for one searching for Love.

Suffice to say the trio looks very nice together and as the evening progressed the pouch was on his wrist. When we were finally leaving the fair he exclaimed: 'See, mama, it actually works, I already gained a new friends!' - and he proudly showed Mr. Kipling, the Angry bird plush toy he won at one of the game booths!

Couldn't agree more with the child :)

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