Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter wonderland

With the winter approaching - well, in fact it already came, my flowers are frozen and my friends in Pennsylvania are under lots of snow! - what other better piece for today than a glamorous party necklace.

Winter wonderland necklace - Sterling silver, quartz, opalite, wire wrapped :: All the Pretty ThingsNot so long ago I was in a 'glamour' mood - most of my jewelry is, in fact, very earthy and well rooted, and my social life is not that full of occasion to display any glitter. However, as a woman I sometimes need to just see and touch beauty - and having just finished a crystal quartz piece for a friend I was having all these quartz chips on my table. They were gleaming wonderful in the light (I have a sky-light right above my work table) and that's when I decided to make myself a very beautiful evening piece.

The chips are paired with silver beads and wrapped in groups of 2-3 crystals, then each individual wrap attached to the silver chain. Being an evening piece - it has 3 strands, all draping you in beautiful crystals. There are two types of crystals in there: an opalite and a natural crystal. The opalite, with its warm milky shade, has a very soft, gentle and soothing effect, while the quartz crystals capture the light and make you glow.

This is the story of my 'Winter wonderland' - the necklace that will make you feel like a Goddess.