Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ice and fire

With the Holidays fast approaching (yeah, I can't believe it either! we are about 2 months away from Christmas...) today I will present you one of the pieces I love the best for the season.

It all started last winter, I was looking to wear something special for an evening with my dear hubby - and although I am not the glitzy type, I really wanted to glitter. Guess what? All my jewelry was of earthy type: glamorous, but not in the sense I wanted it. You know how the shoemaker doesn't have shoes? That's when I sat down, looked through my stash and decided a trip to the local bead store is needed. I already knew I wanted to use some beautiful crystal chips I had, and being so close to Christmas I was looking to add something red to them. What can be more red than coral?! And to add the glitter - some Swarovski crystals, in various sizes and in a smoky colour (they are, indeed, called 'smoke').

Fire and ice: necklace and earrings set - sterling silver, coral, crystal, quartz, crochet, wire wrapping :: All the Pretty ThingsBack home, get the crochet out, the silver plated wire, spread all the chips & beads and before I knew it I was the owner of my first 'Ice and fire' set (I had to add a pair of earrings, of course).

I loved it from the start: it has the perfect combination of cold and hot - the quartz and Swarovski crystal are definitely wintery, while the warm corals make you think of the next summer vacation. It has the perfect amount of glitter - not too much, not to less; it can actually be worn during the day; maybe not mornings, however I have friends that will not object on wearing it at 8:00 am while sipping the coffee at the office :)

The blend of the crochet into the piece is giving it that bit of unusual (after all, how many crocheted jewelery have you seen in the department store?!) and some mystery too.

Friends have jokingly asked me to name it 'Mrs. Claus' as it evokes her red & white dress. What do you think? Which one is the better name for this beauty?

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