Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A late bloomer? [Florile Dalbe carol]

Remember my word for the year? It was Bloom and you can read about it in my first article on Miss Sally's Focus on life series: Focus on Life: The word!

For years now I had this nagging sensation I'll have to change something regarding my career. I still love what I do, most of the time - I studied Computer Science out of pure luck (and determination), and I loved almost every moment of my Software Developer, then Designer & Architect career. I still do enjoy creating computer and web applications.

But this is a field where the average age is probably less than 25 :) Which doesn't bother me per-se, but it was obvious I won't be able to do it forever. To be honest, I don't enjoy going 9 to 5 in an office too much since the child has been born and I have been blessed with opportunities to not do the 9-5 every day! in the past 10 years I've been working contracts only, with large portions of working from home, and large portions giving me flexibility on the program.

You know how they say when a door is closed, look for the opening window? That's exactly what happened - late May a door has been closed for me. And knowing my choice for the "word of the year" I thought 'funny, it might not apply to my art & jewelry design only'... Early September that window had opened and at first I thought it's too much, too late, too... but one by one I discovered it might work and I jumped at the chance.

This is may 'late bloom', y'all (as my friend Therese would say): I am going back to school. I'll start with a Master of Applied Science in Computers (it was easier to go through another Master again than try to have my original one recognized). The goal is a PhD in the same Computer Science. I believe I got at the point where I amassed enough knowledge to either share & teach the youngsters or to use it for research.

Since I'll be studying full-time come January (it sounds strange, really strange, as this summer we celebrated 20 years since I graduated university) it'll most likely take a bit off my blogging / art creating time. I hope I'll figure out how to balance all and keep going.

Now I wonder what word will I choose for 2014 - the 2013 word sure lived up to all expectations and then some!

Monique is probably looking for new carols, so I choose this one for you today:

Its title is matching the moment: 'White flowers', which is also the chorus (Florile Dalbe).


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  1. I guess that apple tree is blossoming for you, Alicia! Of course we hope you will still find time to hang out with us in the blogosphere... perhaps you will find it therapeutic during all that time and effort in academia. :)

    The name of this artist is strangely familiar... perhaps only because you have shared his interpretations in past years? Another lovely carol. Thanks!


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