Monday, December 2, 2013

We continue the musical journey...

Usually I start listening to Christmas carols mid-November. This year I've had a crazy November (and it doesn't seem to have slowed down yet)... actually I was surprised to find out yesterday we have moved into the last month of the year! And a tad desperate as well, as nothing is prepared for Christmas: neither the house nor the kitchen nor the spirits. But we'll get there!

To help myself with the process - I started my Christmas carols regimen and I figured out I should share favourite songs and favourite artists with you. Today, I'll give you one of my favourite actress / singer, Julie Andrews. We had the opportunity to see her (and Christopher Plummer!) in Toronto, right before Christmas - although she couldn't sing for the entire concert, she delighted us with her beautiful and perfectly amazing voice.

Sound of Music is one of the 2 movies we watch each and every Christmas (the other is 'It's a wonderful Life', of course), I could never grow tired of that movie! And I look forward to seeing her every January 1st (on PBS) on the New Year concert from Vienna - another staple in our family.

Our budgie, Stevie, appreciates her beautiful voice too: right now I have 5 CDs playing randomly, one is hers and the only one Stevie chirps along (I'll have to record him, it's very funny).


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  1. I have always loved Julie Andrews her voice is one that will always be my favorite. I saw the Sound of Music in the theater in 1967 when I lived in Germany on Hahn Air Force Base, I was 8 years old, it is a timeless movie.


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