Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No carols today :)

There is one things I am absolutely crazy about: eggnog. We don't have it as eggnog in Romania, we do have something quite similar. But it's not Christmas related.

When we moved here and I started to mix out traditions with what's customary in Canada, I adopted the eggnog quite quickly. Then I was sad for a full year, as eggnog is not to be found nowhere until late November. each late November I would start packing the fridge... yeah, I'm that crazy :)

This year I've decided we can make our own, what could be that complicated about?! Well - for one finding a recipe is complicated. All I could find was using 12 eggs and 4 cups of milk... I understand why it's called eggnog, but 12 eggs is a bit too much :)

After checking with my favourite group (the Creative Bead Chat on Facebook, the Artisan Whimsy otherwise) I found one lady who suggested some improvements and gave me eye-balling measurements. I am all for being creative when cooking, so I threw things in the mixer and here is what resulted:

Christmas traditions: eggnog and colours :: All Pretty Things

I admit that was very very yummy, and William loved it too! He wanted us to buy some eggnog last week, when we did the grocery shopping and I said we'll make our own. He shook his head and said "mommy, please don't exaggerate with making our own everything! if I don't like it, promise me we can come an buy it!". I promised him that much - but after tasting it tonight I asked him: so, buy from the store or make our own? "Make our own, hands down!". Victory on the make-from-scratch front :)

Since it's already in the picture - I'm posting a better one for the bracelets:

Cheerful bracelets: copper, wood beads, happy :: All Pretty Things

I had these wooden beads for over a year now, moving them from place to place as I was trying to come up with ideas on how to use them. Until last Sunday, when I suddenly had an idea - and they became these overly cheerful and summery adornments. I love them so much, they are so bright and happy, making me smile :)

See, it's not all music - it's colour and happiness too!


  1. Love the bracelets, Alicia, I am partial to wood, as you may know! We have cut down on eggnog in recent years (we used to fill the extra fridge when the boys were younger) so now it is reserved for the "réveillon" after Midnight Mass along with the other special foods.

    You are forgiven for the no-carol post but I want more colinde next time LOL

  2. I actually have a brief moment to check in! It is a Christmas miracle!!!
    I never knew you could buy eggnog in the stores until I was in my twenties. My mom and Gram always made it from scratch, only on Christmas Eve. Neighbors would come just to have their eggnog then go back to their own family festivities. I never did get the recipe. My kids ask me to buy it from a farm where we get our milk. They love it but it is too sweet for me. You must have been thrilled with William's rave review :-D
    I love that bracelet! I have too many wooden beads, though I have never bought a single one. With the wire here, it makes them look great! And cheerful :-)

  3. Oh yum eggnog! I have never tried making it from scratch, but I do buy it pre-made from the store. I bet yours was very good.


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