Monday, January 30, 2012

The Butterfly

Going to our local bead store for something else (as it usually happens) - I discovered these splendind butterflies, made of stone (dyed, of course, these are not natural colour), in amazing green, yellow and a very violet one. As it happens, I already had some amethyst for another project so all I had to do is to pick up some matching Czech beads (the 6.0 ones, I am not a seed-beader fan :))

While working on it I kept smiling - the butterfly is really cute and has such a vivid colour. I wished the store would have a bright blue one, but no luck this time (I'll keep looking).

I am presenting you today 'The Butterfly' - a happy necklace to brighten your day and your attire. Will transform you for the after-office evening on the town and it will make your friends ask 'Where did you get this dancing butterfly?'

Next to the focal piece what I love most about it is the 'tail' - a fluid and sparkly 3-strand sterling silver chain, lightly adorned with bits of colour from the body of the necklace itself (the light lavender Czech beads and the bright violet foiled-glass beads). The whole necklace is mounted on a sterling silver chain and finished with a sterling silver clasp - its length can vary from 18.5 in to 24.5 in, not including the butterfly and chain drop, which measures 3.5 in. This variation in length makes it a very versatile piece - from being snuggly hugging your neck to a more fancy 'belly-button' length.

Like all my pieces - it is handcrafted with love and utmost care and attention to detail, and it is designed to adorn the woman who wants to look her best from early morning all through the evening.

Might that woman be you?

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