Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to get rid of the winter blues (2)

Winter view from All Pretty Things studioWith a winter like this - if we can even call it that anymore - we need to get rid of all sorts of blues, not only 'wintery' ones!

A few weeks back I suggested you use colour, in its most approachable form: flowers.

This week - we can add something else: music.

It's an extremely easy way to improve one's mood. Ideally one would know how to play an instrument or simply how to sing - and practice (pick some happy songs :)). But if you're not fortunate enough to have listen to your mom asking to practice your violin or piano when you were young... a CD will suffice. If that's missing too (as we are in the Internet era) - switch the radio or TV on a music channel. Try to get away from radio stations that play news every half an hour: it can be depressing to listen to what's out there.

As for the genre - it's your choice, really: as long as you enjoy and feel happy, anything will be OK; I would stay away from those strange moody pieces, though - remember, you are trying to improve your mood here!

If you have the luxury of time - try that hot chocolate with a book in front of the fire. Even 10 minutes of relaxation will make a difference! If the weather allows it - bundle up, put the headphones on and take a short walk through the neighbourhood.

Hope you're having a great winter!

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