Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sir Ken Robinson (TED)

This is my first share from TED - it is a talk given bu Sir Ken Robinson, PhD: an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation.

In this talk he touches an idea that many agree upon and probably as many disagree: while we educate our children we kill their creativity. It is something that bothers me a lot - I have a very imaginative and creative little boy and I see myself pushing him into molds that are 'right' and 'correct'...

The part I love the most in Sir Robinson's talk is the one about the dancer - I am sure it's a controversial one for many out there... however - I wish we (the adults) would recognize the dancers more frequently!

Enjoy - and may you find a way to let your children bloom!

P.S. If you figured out a way - please let me know, I'd love to hear how you encourage your children to think out of the box.

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