Friday, January 20, 2012

Raising a son

Blue & pink decor!I've always believed I am OK as a mother. In the beginning, because we didn't want to know what our little wonder will be, we compromised: the nursery room was painted (by yours truly) half blue, half pink, with a wonderful Winnie The Pooh border in between :) [when he turned 3 we changed the border, but left the colours!] And the clothes? We got whites and a few greens (people said yellow and green are gender neutral colours, however I didn't like the yellow ones at all).

Reading Bambi - hist 1st love in booksGod blessed us with our beautiful son (on his due date) and for the first months I didn't have time to worry too much about what to do with a boy, after all - at that age they have the exact same needs. The first few years were good too - we got books, plush toys, and lots of cars, and building materials - and growing up I had them too (I wasn't a very girly-girly person... I played with dolls, yes, but I always preferred to build a Lego house instead; or drive a cart; and other non-girly activities.... in fact - I have been the only girl in many of my elementary and high-school clubs); so I could perfectly relate to (and help) my son. He also loves science - periodically we end up 'disecting' a The green volcano (we had a red one before)fish or making a volcano or whatever strikes his fancy at the moment; that's OK with me - growing up I have been encouraged to experiment and since we didn't have the opportunities and tools readily available here, I am enjoying the science days as much as (if not more than) he does.

Beading with momI managed to go through the 'train era' un-scarred (I love trains!), I even learned to parallel park my car using his toys (my DH's genial idea). I have been worried for a while that my artsy time won't be shared, but guess what - he absolutely loves designing projects and buying supplies too: we spent many afternoons at the table, with all the beads spilled between us and laughing; or making polymer clay projects together.

So far - so good: he even likes to cook (not to clean the kitchen after that, though) - yesterday he brought from the library a book about Medieval Times. In the book they also give you a recipe of meatballs like they made them 1,000 years ago. Who made 'spicy medieval meatballs?' that afternoon - the Chef, of course.

There is one thing I cannot get over yet; he won't either and from what I've seen so far, it might be here to stay with us forever: Star Wars. I was never a fan: maybe because when Lucas' 2nd film (The Empire strikes back) came to our city, in the mid 80s, the 'good guys' where The Republic and even as a young child I was fed up with the idea of a Republic. I never stomached any of the movies - and now... what do I get? A hard-core fan - check the email signature he created all by himself:

Star wars expert
62031 777 Guelph Line,
Burlington Ontario L7N 3R0
Toll free: (877) 555  5348
Mon-Fri 4:30-7:30 Sat 2:30- 6:00
$5.50 Each Hour

After he sent me the email with his signature he informed me he'll build a website next, all full of tips and information about Star Wars. I am honestly proud of his ability to think so clearly, I just wish he would have picked something else.

Lego airplane - his own designI understand his fascination with the series / movies / games - but I cannot help worry: what if this is the point where our harmonized ways start to part? So far, in my attempt to remain the 'cool mom' I managed to learn (from the expert, of course) the appropriate timeline and how the clones turned 'bad' - that alone took about half an hour of story-telling.

On the other side - I prefer Star Wars to other (very strange) movies / characters they create today.

Oh, well,  I am looking forward to the time when he'll become a Star Trek fun :)


  1. My son is just the same -- and I don't like Star Wars at all, either!

    1. LOL - what have we done to deserve this? Just kidding.

      How are you coping with the situation? My son is verry chatty and he'll talk my ears off with stories I can't remember next day. 'Mommyieeee - I just explained you why Captain Rex did that'...

  2. Well, In the mean time have some fun:)

    1. Oh, that I can assure you - we have!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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