Sunday, January 22, 2012

The guilty one

Bread loaf :: All Pretty ThingsLong time ago there was a baker known for his bread. One day he thought the butter packages he just bought from a villager were too light and weighted them. Sure enough, they were 7 oz lighter than the 2 pounds they should have been.

Understandably upset he quickly went to the judge and told his story. As soon as the villager was brought in, the judge asked him:

- Is it true that you are cheating people and sell them less butter than they pay for?

- If it is true, your honour, I am not guilty.

- You're a liar, cried the baker - I just bought this butter from you and it's lighter by 7 oz a piece.

- Your honour, the butter is indeed mine. However, I am poor: I bought a scale but cannot afford to buy the weights for it. So on one arm I set my butter and on the other arm I set one of the baker's breads, which he claims weigh 2 pounds exactly... if that's not true, how is that my fault?

The judge weighted the baker's bread and sure enough - it was lighter by 7 oz.

Have you ever met 'the baker'? It's easy to figure out who they are: the ones demanding everything, but cutting corners when they have to deliver anything.

If you've ever been tempted to act like the baker - remember: there is a villager somewhere and they'll figure it out: what goes around eventually comes around.

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