Wednesday, November 9, 2011

(5 o'clock) Tea party

Tonight the radio plays all the songs I love - I feel loved :)

The piece today is a gel candle, in fact more than one. Many years ago I discovered an antique shop very close to home. One of the myriad of store had a collection of tea cups - those cute ones you saw when your grandma was preparing her afternoon tea with her friends. I simply had to have them - they were no sets, just lots and lots of cups with their matching little plate. Since I didn't know what they'll be good for, I had to stop at 5 or so - all delicate porcelain, with beautiful designs.

Tea party candle
They've patiently waited a long time until I found their purpose in my artsy crafty life: I will make them into beautifully scented and lovely shaded candles. In fact, once they were done I fell in love for the second time: the richness of the colour would fool anybody into thinking that's some real tea to be tasted with cookies this afternoon!

The original ones are long gone - one of them to a former school teacher of my son's who's collecting tea cups and was completely blown away by the gift. I had no idea she's a collector, nonetheless I was happy with the result :)

I keep getting cups whenever I find a beautiful one - one cannot ever have enough beautiful things around them!

What would be your tea flavour? Or maybe you're a coffee lover? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. They'll make wonderful gifts for a Victorian-themed party guests: imagine your wedding table decorated with these beautiful candles your guests get to take home at the end of the day!