Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colours (Yellow)

Sunny Day - Polymer Clay bowlYellow is such a complex colour - my favourite hue of yellow is the one fluffy baby chickens 'wear' on their first few days of life. I used to hold them few hours after they would come out of their eggs and there is such a comfort in that memory!

Yellow is a warm colour, without being dangerously so (like red) - it brings thoughts of happiness and joy. It is full of positive energy and being the colour we associate with sun and light, it brings clarity. Paint a colour in a sunny warm yellow and you'll get a clear and alert mind, with better concentration skills. During the dull cold winter days - surround yourself with yellow to get rid of those 'winter blues'.

Yellow is associated with wisdom, optimism, enthusiasm, creativity, joy and many other positive energies.

Sunset - Polymer Clay bowlOne of the most magnificent colour combinations I have ever seen is its complementary schema: yellow and purple. Imagine a field of purple and yellow crocuses or yellow daffodils with the purple bells. There are lots of examples in nature (especially in the spring) - I believe Mother Nature knows something!

Another splendid yellow hue would be gold - we've talked about it in the orange article.

What other combinations can we use?

Pot of Gold - Polymer Clay bowlTry the analogic schema for a spring or citrusy theme: yellow with green-yellow and orange-yellow. Combine it with gold for a hot and elegant summer day feeling. Add some red accents for a bright and happy schema. Try some nice browns and reds for a rich autumn theme. Used in pale accents can subdue a darker or richer colour and balance the combination.

Remember to wear some yellow this winter - you'll bring a smile not only on your face, but on everyone's face!

What is your favourite colour? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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