Friday, November 25, 2011


Polymer clay bowlI've been quite busy the past week and I'll get even busier coming week. No, nothing artsy (if you don't count my new beautiful sweater I have just started with high hopes that'll be done by Christmas - ambitious hopes!) - just working at my son's school where we prepare for the Holiday Auction set for Dec. 2nd. Things are going OK, but there is lots of work. Today I've been logging items - you'd think there are about 2 million of them, however... when you consider the time it takes to figure out in which of the side of the auction to put it (Live, Silent, Holiday Shop), if it needs receipt, where is the description sheet and so on... it's a miracle we managed to log all items in just under 6 hours.

When I talk to my mom and tell her about the volunteer system in here she's always amazed and quite a little jealous too! See - she's a former high-school teacher and she knows the educational system back in the country from inside out. As a teacher she can appreciate what a difference the help of parents could make. She's used there with just demands and the 'I sent my child to school, it's the school's / teacher's responsibility now' attitude. She dreams of what could have been done while she was teaching those kids if they had the support of the parent community. And not only the educational system - here in Canada we run a lot on the support of the community and volunteers. It's amazing how many things are done through the kindness of strangers and we should stop and think and be grateful we live in a normal society. Sure, many areas could use improvement - but let's be honest: we are a society of caring people.

And for that I am thankful!

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

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