Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY - Christmas ornaments

My light box is still somewhere in traffic and I still have no way to take proper pictures of my new pieces... however... for all you crafty hearts (and hands) out there - I stumbled upon a very interesting article.

I haven't started to decorate the house yet - I don't even have the lights outside (sigh!), we just got the eaves troughs up today (the forecast for the rest of the week is close to 0... guess who's going to freeze up the ladder tomorrow?!) - but we will soon. With decorating always comes the craft time - we make decorations or ornaments every year - you have to see our Christmas tree. Interestingly enough my son knows exactly when he made each of the ornaments! So we'll keep making them, I'm not complaining :)

Yes, the article - I'm getting there... it has no less than 101 (one hundred and one) handmade ornaments... each one with instructions and pictures.

101 Handmade Ornament Tutorials

Out of those 101 you must find a few to like enough! I like #25, 'though I haven't decided yet which might be might my favourite project.

Which one is your favourite? Would you try some? Are you still making ornaments with your kids?

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