Thursday, November 3, 2011

Purple Universe

After yesterday's more serious subject we need something light and funny.

Enter my 'Purple Universe' - where even the beads are made by me :)

As you know by now I love colour. I can't stand dull and dark shades, I simply love the happiness and energy light colours bring. Purple for me is a difficult shade - most of its hues are too pink for my taste, some are too dark, it's really hard to strike the perfect combination. So I surprised myself when I decided to combine purple and white polymer clay one day - I was experimenting some new technique and lots of small purple-and-white swirls were sitting in front of me on the table. Minuscule swirls, I have to add. I couldn't use them for what I originally had in mind and I couldn't combine them anymore without loosing the nice balance of separation and blend between the colours.

Purple Universe necklace - polymer clay, floating necklace :: All the Pretty Things
That's how the Purple Universe came to life (my own version of the Big Bang) - floating happy purple-and-white small swirls. I love this necklace and I wore it endlessly for a while: it brings such a bright smile on my face even when I think of it! (in fact I am smiling right now :)).

It is a playful piece made with 6 strands of floating beads - most appropriate for adorning that beautiful beach dress you just got for your Christmas vacation in the Dominican Republic :) Being polymer clay the beads are very light (even if you decide you'd like bigger beads) and they give an ethereal vision by floating on the sterling silver wire. Another advantage: any other colour combinations can be made.

You can also order your bridal party sets (necklace & earrings or bracelet) in your own colours: imagine your jewelry set matching everything else - tempting, eh?