Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am probably going to loose my mind. I am working with a group of wonderful volunteers for my son's school Auction  (Glenview PS)... and the work is brutal. I basically moved into school since last Friday! I go in with William and come out with him.

Between logging items, making auction sheets, making baskets and making Gingerbread houses with each class - there is not much of my sannity left. My family is ready to declare mutiny, I believe - it's a good thing the dogs are still getting fed, the boys can go through the cupboard now and then (although both DH and DS are critically attracted by the chocolate they found in there... ignoring the healthy snacks).

Lesson #1: if you ask (nicely) people will respond.
Lesson #2: if you make a personal connection people will respond better.
Lesson #3: there are still nice people in this world.

The story behind #3. On Friday or Monday we were franctically working in the office when a gentleman came in and asked who's in charge with the auction. He was sent to us and he told us he just walked by, saw the auction sign in front of the school and he asked us what kind of help we need. For a few moments we were speachless - how many times you get someone to walk into your office and ask what kind of help you need? When we recovered - we gave him one sign (his business has the front on the main street in the community) and we thanked him a lot. He came back the next day - with a wonderful Muppets themed busket; some kids will enjoy it this Christmas!

Even if he wouldn't have donated anything - the simple gesture of coming in and asking how he can assist us was wonderful. A precious moment I will cherish for a long time!

Disclaimer: He didn't ask for anyhting in return - all I know right now is that he works for Preston Insurance here in Aldershot, on Plains Rd (phone # 905.527.8450). My opinion is purely subjective and based on my feeling he's a gentleman with a heart. In a world increasingly busy and crazy, when people tend to care less for others we need more people like him. From the bottom of my heart - I thank him.


  1. The people who live and work in Aldershot are the beating heart of a great community. There are so many volunteers with so much gratitude.
    Barb Rusnak
    Aldershot Village BIA

  2. Indeed, Barb - we have a wonderful community and we are grateful to live in it!

    Thank you for your comment,


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