Monday, November 28, 2011

The wise man and the ring

A young man came to the wise man:

Princess bracelet - Sterling silver & glass beads, chainmaille :: All the Pretty Things- Oh, wise man... I feel so small, so insignificant, nobody values me and I feel I don't have the energy to do something well and good. Please help me - how can I become better? How can I change other people's minds about me?

Without even looking at him, the wise man said:
- Sorry, my child, I can't help you right now, I have a pressing personal problem to solve. Maybe afterwards. After a short pause he added: If you could help me, maybe I will solve my problem faster and then I could help you too.

- Errr.... sure, I'll gladly help, said the young man, feeling yet another person doesn't care about him.
- OK, the wise man said, then taking a small ring off his finger he gave it to the young man. Here, take this ring and go to the market. I need to sell it at once, but you must get at least one gold coin for it. If you can't get a gold coin, don't sell it. Go now!

The young man took the ring, got up on his horse and ran to the market. He started to show the ring to everyone, but nobody will want to buy it. Some would think the ring is pretty, but when they heard the price they'll laugh in the man's face. Some wouldn't even look at it. After he tried every single person in the market, the young man got back on his horse and returned to the wise man. He was tired - not so much from the trip, but from his failure.

Winter wonderland necklace - crystal & Sterling silver, wire wrapping :: All the Pretty Things- Sorry, wise man, nobody would want to buy it for that price. I could get 2-3 silver coins on it, but nothing more. I don't think it's that valuable, so I couldn't make anyone to pay such an over-price.

- You're absolutely right, my friend. First we need to find out the real value of the ring. So please go to the jeweler, show him the ring, and ask him what's the value. Don't sell it! Bring the ring back.

The young man galloped away. The jeweler examined the little ring for a long time then said:
- Tell the teacher if he sells it now I can offer him only 58 gold coins.
- What? 58 gold coins? the young man exclaimed
- Yes, said the jeweler. In other times you could get 70 gold coins on it, but if he's in a hurry I can offer only 58.

Elegance necklace: Freshwater pearls & Swarovski crystals:: All the Pretty ThingsThe young man thanked the jeweler and quickly returned to the wise man, relating him the story.

- Please sit down, said the wise man. You are like this ring, a unique and valuable jewel. And just like with the ring - it takes an expert to recognize your value. We all are like the ring: valuable and unique, riding the life markets and expecting non-expert people to recognize the value in us!

Remember this story when you feel let down: you know your real value, and nobody can take it from you, even if they won't recognize how precious you are. You work carefully every day to shine the jewel within you and to add more value to it! You are precious and unique - love yourself.

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