Monday, November 7, 2011

New adventures

Tomorrow’s life is too late. Live today. ~ Martial

Today I had planned another article - however... it'll have to wait a couple of days. Right now I feel like a kid in the candy store :)

Long time ago - after arriving on this side of 'the pond' - I made myself a promise: that I will always try to follow my dreams, however ridiculous they might seem. It took years to start trusting myself (for those who don't know me or haven't read some of my past article: I have been raised in an Eastern European country under a communist regime - something that will not boost your confidence unless your parents were 1st or 2nd level party members... and mine weren't members at all!) and to start keeping that promise, however about 6 years ago I began my journeys. I picture my life as a huge tree: I have the roots (those 7 first years, the foundation), the trunk (my early years) and then there are the branches - I can go on any of them, and I can branch from there too... I ca neven go back and choose another branch; don't have to live my life on a straight line (that would be really boring).

Stained glass bird
I started to learn new things - not as often as I wish, but often enough. Some I found I have talent and I developed a passion for (take trapshooting); other - talent or not - I scratched: they needed either too much of my time & energy, or some other adjustments I cannot make yet (take horseback riding: I tried it for about 2 years... for more I really need my own farm). On my list of to-learn are most of the arts & crafts: music (started playing piano 4 years ago), jewelry (with various techniques, I try to learn one new every few months), pottery (still on the to-do), painting (I need to get back to it, have been away for too many years), quilling (this one my mom came with the idea - I tried it, but I don't think it's for me), and many more.

I had to scratch wood-working off (I have developed a asthma a few years back, wood dust is all I need in my lungs) and I am still trying to figure out how to try my hands at black-smithing (any ideas are welcome).

And today, with the gift certificate Santa left for me 2 years ago (yeah, it takes some time to get to my list) I started a new adventure-branch: stained glass. So far - so good: I always loved glass and today I found I also enjoy working with it.

To a new adventure! Let's see where it can take me :)

Have you started to cross things from your own 'bucket list'? If not - what keeps you from starting right now?

P.S. The little bird (my mom called it 'The peace dove') is my very first try. Not perfect - but really cute :) Hopefully soon you'll see my next one!