Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With November comes Remembrance Day - this year it will be an extremely special day as it will be 11.11.11. Here in Canada we celebrate at 11:11. Neat, eh?

I am working on a Poppy flower, hopefully it'll be done before November 11th :) But the subject of my article is not the Poppy - yet another piece, a pair of fierce red earrings.

Red is a very bold colour and one can always make a statement with it. When I got the coral beads for another project (Ice & Fire), while working on the set, I remembered my grandfather. He fought in the WWII on the front line... he never told stories about war or his life after and I almost forgot he was a veteran (back in the country where we come from we didn't celebrate the veterans at all, they were 'the old guard' and best to be forgotten). One day I was listening to some old patriotic songs - I didn't even know they were that old - when he stopped in his tracks, went closer to the turntable and a look I will never forget dawned on his face. Asking what is he doing he told me in a reverent voice and with eyes glistening 'On this song we used to march on in Transnistria'. Something changed between us that day - I definitely gained a new deep respect for my grandfather and for all the veterans. He passed away not very long after and I never got a chance to ask him more about his life back on the front line.

Fire earrings - Sterling silver, coral, wire wrapped :: All the Pretty ThingsThe deep red of the corals reminds me of him (most likely I make the association through the poppy) and I worked the pair you see with a shade of regret, but with the same love I put in everything I make.

The earrings are set in sterling silver and the beads are individually wrapped - it is a classic piece that will bring energy to the one wearing them. A very versatile item - can add charm to a jeans attire or glamour to the LBD you're wearing for that Christmas Cocktail Party. They are a must have for this Holiday season!

Do you have an inspiring story for Remembrance Day? Please share - I would love to hear your thoughts.