Friday, March 2, 2012

Animal coins

I love animals - all sort of animals, most animals. Since God blessed me with a boy I learned to like even animals I wouldn't like before.

Take frogs: I ate frogs before, and I would enjoy a nice documentary about frogs. But touching them? No sir, that's not me. Actually I would probably just jump and squeak (yeah, I know, I am a girl!). That changed last year when my beautiful son found a little frog in the backyard:

Boy with frog :: All Pretty Things

He could sleep with that frog... and he insisted I carry the frog too. What is a mother to do? I bit my tongue (so no squeak will escape), I pasted a smile, and I took the little creature in my hand. I'll give you that: it wasn't as unpleasant as I thought it will be, in fact it was quite cute.

Now he wanted to take it inside and we managed to make him let the frog free in the backyard and let him / her be. I had a very sad little boy for a while - he actually didn't want to go and play in the backyard because his frog was missing. We went hiking one day through the nearby trails and he became suddenly quiet. When I asked him what happened he answered in a tearful voice: "I miss my froggy. Walking through the forest reminded me of froggy"... How you comfort a little boy who's missing a little frog?

And the story repeated itself with other creatures - mostly bugs and crawlers. I can't stand them - I can watch them, learn about them, but don't ask me to touch them. That changed a lot in the past 8 years: I held in my hand worms, bugs, ants, beetles and many other (former) creepy creatures. I never squeaked (although I felt the need many times). And I learn to like them (except worms - I can hold one w/o screaming or shuttering, or better said - refraining hard from...; but I still don't like them, nope, sorry).

Now I can say that if you present me with the opportunity to pet an animal - I will probably will, with curiosity and respect ;) The joys of motherhood - I am learning along with my boy!

Going back to animals - I have recently stumbled upon this wonderful site of painted coins... animal coins... I love the idea - and decided to share it with you for a light browse on a Friday: Animal Coins

Disclaimer: as with everything else on my site, I am not gaining anything from sharing links and resources... this are simply sites I enjoy browsing, some unusual, some funny, all with one thing in common: I think it's worth to take a look.

Happy Friday - and remember: tomorrow is the big reveal day for the bead soup!! Come and visit - the post will be up early in the morning (12:01 am to be very precise).

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  1. these coins are so vibrant and beautiful! thanks for sharing. i have girls and they are the same way in the back yard, touching and picking up every little bug, worm, and frog. when my daughter was 3 she picked up a snake. i was not home for that event but it scarred my husband, who was born and raised in the outdoors. these kids teach us so much, don't they?!

    1. Apparently I was the same way... somewhere on the road I lost that ability to touch 'gross' things - and I got it back now :) Yes, we've had the snake situation too - and believe it or not, I ran through the forest to catch it back, so His Highness can hold it!

      I love this part of parenthood a lot: learning with the kid(s); I think I learned more in the past 9 years than in my previous years :)


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