Sunday, March 18, 2012

The proper key

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This is a precious story / fable: may you always have the wisdom

A women came to ask for advice from a wise monk.

- Father, I always have words with my husband, can't make him understand how to do the right thing.

- What do you do when this happens?

- Well, I quarrel with him, of course.

- And the next time when you had issues - what did you do?

- Same thing: I quarrel and we reproach.

Next the monk took a bundle of keys, gave one to the woman and asked her to unlock the door in front of them. The woman took the key, tried it, and when it didn't unlock the door, she asked the monk for another key.

- Maybe you didn't know how to use it, try again!

But no matter how much the woman tried, the door will not unlock.

- Father, give me the whole bundle of keys and I will find the right one, she said.

The monk replied with a warm smile:

- See, my daughter, if you cannot open this door with a non-matching key, how do you expect to open your husband's soul door without the proper key? Find the right key, and you'll be able to open the door!

A gracious and simple answer, one we so often ignore! We just need to find *the* key, that's all.

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  1. Foarte intelept !
    Dar de multe ori trebuie un pic de "scoala", cel putin a vietii, pentru a gasi calea =cheia potrivita-- e vorba , de multe ori , de psihologie, de relatia intre indivizii in cauza, de momentul ales etc.
    Oricum, snoava/fabula e buna si utila !


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