Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bead Soup Party revisited

Can you believe it: I still have a few participants to go through... But I had a crazy week, I could barely breathe (and my DH, God bless him, started to get impatient with me for so long on the computer :)).

While I hop-hop-hop this weekend - maybe you'd like to join me. This is how:

  • You can read how all started and the soup I received here - being my very first soup (yeah, I tend to do things big scale, can't start with a 10-participants soup, I need a 200 one, in it's 5th generation!) it didn't occur to me to either take a picture of the soup I sent, or to pack mine decently. But I learned something :)
  • You can read about the results and my struggles with the soup here - my challenge was the variety of media used: from gunmetal to sterling silver, from jade to polymer clay, I had a few beads of everything and I was quite stumped! Loved every piece - but still - stumped. I put everything in a bowl and had it on my desk for a while: that seems to work, since in the end I used everything except 2 beads, 2 bead caps, and the heart toggle!
  • You can hop to see what other participants had made - I have never seen so much beauty amassed in one place! It is like a One-of-a-kind-show in blogs! There are no 2 styles alike, no 2 pieces alike - and they are all (and I mean all) gorgeous! I fully expected to encounter pieces I wouldn't wear and some I wouldn't like, they wouldn't be my style: after all, it's hard to like everything, as hard as it is to please everybody. Boy, have a I been given a surprise and the chance of a lifetime! Yes, some styles are eons away from mine, but I really, really, really loved and liked each and every one (the few blogs I haven't posted yet - it's because I could not for some strange reason!). I found this amazing!

5th Bead Soup Party (jade, polymer clay, sterling silver, silk cord, Czech beads and many more) :: All the Pretty Things

This was my journey - and I will repeat it in a jiffy, given the opportunity. Thank you again to Lori, our amazing hostess - and hopefully you'll join me through my future adventures.

Until then: keep safe, keep beauty in your life, and keep healthy! Oh - and try to keep lucky too: have you entered the Giveaway? A Shambala bracelet will go to a lucky person, check it out!


  1. I agree - I've never seen so much interesting, beautiful pieces of art amassed in one place either! My first soup also and it really pushed me to try my best! Hope to see you in the next one - I know I'll be there!

    1. Oh, absolutely, Sandra - given the opportunity I will participate in any challenge I can from now on. Lesson learned: nothing moves your brain into creative gears than a deadline, a surprise package of ingerdients, and a fabulous group of people. The Facebook group was a huge help and a great place to make new friends!


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