Thursday, March 1, 2012

Butterflies, birds and beads!

Today is March 1st! If you'd like to read about a beautiful Romanian tradition, please read The Legend of the Martzishor.

Every year I am trying to share this custom - with the children in my son's class. This year I had some troubles getting him to work with me, and after some prodding I found out what the reason is: the stamps I had (butterflies) are 'too girly' and in his class they are 2 to 1 boys to girls ratio... so he'll get embarrassed because they will give him 'the look'. Oh, well, when I was young 'the look' came when we were around 14 or so... at 9 we were having one focus: our books and learning...

After I calmed him down and a not-so-short trip to Michaels (hey, I love my smart phone, but more on this another time) we arrived home with non-girly stamps (let me tell you something, stamp companies: can you, please, realise there are BOYS in this world too?! would it hurt to make those stamp sheets with cars and castles and knights and construction things too?!?!) as in birds (yes, those were the only non-girly stamps... seriously).

To keep this story short, this is what my son lovely made for his classmates: beautiful stamped and metal embossed cards with pictures and the child's initial. I added a short note (on the back) about the Romanian tradition, and the charm (another trip to Michaels... same question: can we have some charms for boys?! I was lucky to find those birds... but, man, there is nothing else!)

Martisor, Martzishoare :: All Pretty Things

Aren't they pretty?!
On another note: I now have my first beads - and I managed to take their pictures too.

Lampwork beads :: All Pretty Things

As you can see, they are not perfect - just plain beautiful (you know how beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and since I am their 'mother'... they're definitely my beauties :)). I have tried to stay with same colours, just in case I manage to make something wearable out of them - and now, after cleaning and buffing their sharp ends they'll be ready to be used in a piece.

What do you think? I think wire elements and a collar necklace. Maybe 'charms' on a chain necklace. The word 'silk' comes to mind too, but I haven't figure out *how* yet :)

Any ideas out there?


  1. This is a beautiful tradition....

    And your beads...OH MY WORD...GORGEOUS - Looove the pale blue in the bottom left corner...yummy

    1. Thank you, Keri - I love the turquoise beads too. The picture doesn't make them justice, but the transparent ones with frit are cute like bunnies :)

  2. Oh your first beads are pretty! I am having my first class in lampwork this month as well!! I think charms on a chain sounds like a lovely way to show these off. Nice work :)

    1. Thank you! In the meantime I cleaned their middle and they are even prettier than before :)
      Have fun with the class - I had tons of fun and I intend to get back to do some practice as soon as I can.

  3. They are beautiful! My, this is your first try? I love the light blue ones at the left also the very dark one too. I love the color blue.

    Enjoy making beads. Dita.

    1. Thank you, Dita! I love them too - but I am biased :) Hope to figure out one day this week when I can go back and make some more. I need to practice... practice... practice.... But I love it!


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