Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anniversary gemstones

Last 2 weeks we have talked about Birthday stones and their meanings (January to June and July to December).

Since I've always had troubles finding the information in one spot (usually I gathered the data on each gemstone separately) a list of all the anniversary gemstones:

1st YearGold Jewelry 11th YearTurquoise
2nd YearGarnet 12th YearJade
3rd YearPearls 13th YearCitrine
4th YearBlue Topaz 14th YearOpal
5th YearSapphire 15th YearRuby
6th YearAmethyst 16th YearPeridot
7th YearOnyx 17th YearWatches
8th YearTourmaline 18th YearCat's-Eye
9th YearLapis Lazuli 19th YearAquamarine
10th YearDiamond Jewelry 20th YearEmerald

21st YearIolite40th YearRuby
22nd YearSpinel45th YearSapphire
23rd YearImperial Topaz50th YearGolden Jubilee
24th YearTanzanite55th YearAlexandrite
25th YearSilver Jubilee60th YearDiamond Jubilee
30th YearPearl Jubilee70th YearSapphire Jubilee
35th YearEmerald80th YearRuby Jubilee

There you have it - now if an anniversary is approaching you know what is traditionally appropriate to buy (or make) your sweetheart :)

Now... if someone could give me hints on what to make for a man, that'll be awesome :)


  1. I did not know that anniversaries had gemstones too, thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hehe, Therese - I believe there is a gemstone for every event in life,,, and if not, we should make one :)
      Glad you found it useful.

  2. Hmmm. It will be 44 years in September for us. After this many years, I would think a rock, preferably big, for his head would be appropriate.

    1. LOL, Marlene - no way! I would go for a combination of Ruby and Sapphires, with more accent on Sapphires (since you're approaching the 45 :) ).
      Congratulations - it's a beautiful thing to have so many anniversaries together! I hope we get to celebrate our 44th :)


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