Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What makes us happy? [Nancy Etcoff, TED]

This is a blog about beauty - not necessarily shallow or surface beauty, but beauty nonetheless. I have always been drawn to pretty things (hence the name of my blog and studio), I just feel better when my table and my room is full of lovely things (even when they are scattered in what people call 'chaos').

I always knew that beauty makes you happier - or that the lack of beauty will make you unhappy, to be precise. And now... I discovered a lady who's trying to scientifically prove just that!

To quote from her TED profile: "Nancy Etcoff is part of a new vanguard of cognitive researchers asking: What makes us happy? Why do we like beautiful things? And how on earth did we evolve that way? Her recent research into the question of happiness exposes results that not only are surprising but reinforce things we should've known all along: like the fact that having flowers in the house really does make us happier."


P.S. Her remark is precious (not only for marriages, for any relationships in general):

"The formula for a happy marriage is five positive remarks, or interactions, for every one negative."

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  1. Isn't it? That's why a few years back they started to dress the 'infant' nurses in bright colours and prints and to decorate the hospital rooms - people would get healthier faster when they were in a nice decorated place, and when they had a window displaying flowers and trees!

    But you knew that, you are the 'pretty things queen' :)


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