Saturday, July 7, 2012

Kreativ blogger - award

As I was going on my business today (I am making the items for the Summer Colour challenge, I finished the first one and I'm wearing it :)) I checked my emails early afternoon... and I got the comment from AntiquityTravelers, she invited me to check her blog as she had a surprise for me.

Boy, what a wonderful surprise! This is a wonderful award, as it's coming from peers and from followers - in this case she was smitten with my wire tutorial :) Thank you!

If you've never been on Antiquity Travelers blog now is the time to visit - she has interesting stories and she's a great jewelry designer (she loves turquoise, you gotta love her designs!)

Anyhow, when you receive this award, there are a few rules:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know

I don't know if these are well-thought, but they sure are random:

1. I love trapshooting and I have a summer-'family' in Pennsylvania (mostly), all wonderful people, all trapshooters
2. I love colour - especially turquoise
3. I have been raised under the communist regime in Eastern Europe thus...
4. I have a great respect for democracy and freedom and I never take my social responsibilities lightly
5. I love nature and mountains, especially in spring and autumn
6. I wish I lived on a farm, and grow most of my food (for personal use, not as a farmer)
7. I love music and I was fortunate enough to get music lessons a few years back: I still take them and my teacher now talks about taking the exams at the Royal Music Conservatory (yes, I am terrified!)

The third part is the hardest - because it's quite impossible to choose just 10 bloggers, they are so many desrving out there! After much consideration, here are my picks (in alphabetical order, they are all amazing artists):

1. A work in progress - I am in awe of anyone who can use seed beads, but here you'll see quite some nice designs! Add the wire work and the beautiful Macro Sundays and you got yourself a neat blog to follow.

2. Amazing Designs - Marlene Cupo's virtual realm. Marlene creates beautiful jewelry and her polymer clay art is to die for (check the Bead Cup article for an example of her mastery)

3. Art Jewelry Elements - a new online 'magazine' created by a group of very talented designers. In there you'll find everything from ideas, to giveaways, to tips and what not.

4. Donna Millard - It was hard for me to pick lampwork artists, I love everything that's glass, and everyone I met (in the virtual world of facebook and blogosphere) creates wonders. This time I'll single out Donna's work :)

5. Glass, Craft and Artful Goodness - Tania is my current Bead Soup partner and she creates beauty out of glass!

6. Metal Me This - Lisa creates beautiful jewlery, but what I love the most is her metal elements, absolutely stunning.

7. My Bead Therapy - Heidi's journey through the artistic world is fun and full of amazing designs. Her wirework is stunning.

8. Pine Ridge Treasures - Lisa's blog is fun and easy to read; I like her designs and her stories alike.

9. Pink Lemonade - I love Keri's writing and her designs are flawless: elegant and fresh; her blog is a real pleasure to read, with a lovely mix of various crafts and arts.

10. Pretty things - Lori Anderson's blog. She's the Godess of art blogging - enough said



  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Alicia! I'm working at blogging more regularly. Hard to keep all the plates in the air anymore.

    1. :) You're very welcome - you know I love your work!

  2. Have said it before and saying it again. You are a sweetheart!

  3. Thank you so much, Alicia! I really enjoy your blog also! Your jewelry is beautiful, of course, and the thing I like best is how readable and relate-able your posts are. It's kind of like chatting with an good friend.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! That's very nice of you.

  4. So well deserved! And so fun to see you pick more wonderful bloggers out there as it was hard to narrow it down! All are so deserving!

    1. Yes, it was so hard to pick just 10 - and fun to see 10 more on each, now I have more blogs to check :)

  5. Congratulations Alicia,
    You are so deserving of this award. I enjoy coming by and reading your posts, especially the ones you do on gemstones.
    Your top 10 picks are all fantastic choices.

    1. Oh, thank you, Therese! I'll have to do more articles on gemstones :)

  6. Thank you! I enjoy your blog as well and am honored to be included with such awesome company.

  7. Thank-you so much for including me in your 10, Alicia! You are so sweet! Loved reading it and a bit more about you. I look forward to checking out everyone's blogs, too!


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