Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Youthful thoughts

William (~2 years old) and his favourite book, Bambi :: All Pretty Things
William with his favourite book, Bambi
~ 2 yo
Our son is an endless source of charming sayings. He has a very mature view of the world and sometimes he just leaves me speechless (and that's not a small feat).

Below is a conversation we had one evening when he was 4 years old

William: Why can’t the fish live in warm water?

Me: Remember when we’ve been to the ocean, in Mexico and Florida?

William: Yeah

Me: And how was the water?

William: Cold

Me: The fish comes from that water and he’s used to cold water. What do you think it will happen if we put him in hot water?

William: He gets sick and dies

Me: Yup

A short pause... thinking (you can hear the wheels turning, I swear)

William: Mommy, all things die?

Me: All living things die, yes

William: All animals and people die?

Me [unsure where this will go]: Err… yes…

William: And they die because they get sick?

Me: Sometimes; sometimes they die because they get old

William: Will Ferdi [our dog at the time] die?

Me: When his time comes he will die, yes

William: And where do animals and people go when they die?

Me: They all go to Heaven

William: And how do they get to Heaven?

Me: … [speechless, I really don’t know how to answer this]

William [happy]: Mommy, I know!

Me: OK – what’s the answer?

William [in a conspirator's whisper]: It’s a SECRET!

Me: Yeah, that’s it, it’s a secret…

William: I think Father Lucian knows the answer

Me: Yes, I think he knows…

William: We should go and ask him!

Me: Definitely


  1. Alicia, I love your stories about William! How beautiful is the open, questing heart of a child... so few of us can keep that attitude of wonder and awe, as we leave our childhood and face the trials of this world. Such a powerful memory for you!

    1. Thank you, Monique :) Indeed, to see the world through the eyes of a child is a blessing. And to keep part of that innocence is an art I hope he'll discover when he becomes an adult! I learned a lot from him...

  2. Profound and sweet. Wished I knew the SECRET.

  3. That's so sweet! I love the clarity of thought of the little ones!


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